spaces in the round

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This recent photographic work, Documents in the Round, is a series exploring the genre of portraiture and landscape, documenting the body in space over time, and positing cubism for the digital age. Each large-scale photograph exists as a document of a performance in which the camera moves around the subject in a defined space, after which all of the frames are compressed into one single image. What remains is a record of compressed time, a portrait of a person that contains all of his physical information from every angle, yet their specific identity is blurred creating a tertiary image referencing the original form - a palimpsest. Rather than creating a ghost like image, which refers to stripping away, this process does the opposite; it is an all-encompassing overabundance of information and detail - a balanced overexposure. This is imagery speaking to the here and now, redefining traditional genres, by placing pixel arrays upon pixel arrays to create a super-image. The experience of movement, spatial awareness, and duration of time are entrapped in these two-dimensional archives that reveal as much from a distance as they do up close.