invitation to lost time

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Invitation to Lost Time is a series of large photographic works depicting interiors–living rooms, dining rooms, domestics spaces–where people once stood for the camera to mark a moment in time. I am interested in the role that constructed spaces have in memory and identity formation, both on a personal and collective level, as well as how they function as triggers from images..
The photographs, handed down to me from family members from two generations ago, reveal mundane scenes with figures to which personal connection is now absent. To make this absence literal, I redact the figure from the image by folding the section containing them out of view while allowing remnants of shadows, clothing, and hair to remain. This folding gesture shifts each image's subject from the figure to the background, thus disrupting the visual field and highlighting the photograph's materiality–folds, cracks, tears, and other signs of age. The resulting photographs, whose imagery contains subtle clues (furniture, books, picture frames, etc.) that allude to the identity of the people once inhabiting the spaces, merge the remaining representational references with abstract elements borne from the gesture of folding the photographic paper.
To arrest the degradation process and create an indexical record of altered memory objects, I subject the photographs to a series of transformations. All of the photographs in this series are digitized, scaled to refer back to the figure, and printed onto aluminum. This process enables me to question how objects and images build and shed meaning over time within a screen-based culture and to reflect upon our current post-truth situation.   With these works, I seek to bridge the every day and the political, connect history with the present, and in turn, blur the border between personal and collective memory. 2017.