invitation to lost time

Our relationship to photographs and their limits as material objects is re-examined in this current series, Invitation to Lost Time. Throughout this series, I shift the subject of each of the works from the figure to the background, disrupting the visual field as an index, in turn highlighting the loss of memory objects as an archive of personal and shares histories. Glimpses of various interior domestic scenes are exposed and interrupted. Clinical and painterly, these photographic works bridge the representation of imagery found within the photographs with the abstraction from the fragmentation that the folding gesture put upon the paper and plastic composites. All of the works in this series are printed onto aluminum as a means of arresting the degradation process, to create an index of broken documents and to reference the advent and processes of photography. My interest is in the intrinsic link between memory, place and personal & cultural identity formation and thereby questions our post-truth situation. The title of the work is taken from a passage by Dyaln Trigg, Phenomenology and Place.