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disPLACEment, 2008. Max/MSP/Jitter custom algorithm, camera, projector, computer.

disPLACEment is an interactive video installation exploring how our unconscious daily actions affect events and lives elsewhere. First hand video footage from an event in a market place in Iraq is depicted through the silhouette of the viwer. The participant becomes the window or vehicle, via live camera video tracking, through which actions from afar are revealed, thus focusing on the body, its fragility as well as implicating it as both target and lens. The screen remains blank and silent until someone enters the field. As the participant(s) moves they reveal more/differing aspects of the footage – thereby completing the work. The participant is left to question their role in the installation as well as their relationship to the news footage shown.

Khaylithsha Boogie Woogie

Max/MSP/Jitter - live generative algorithm or looped 2.04min video file, 2011.